Welcome to your studio! The first thing you want to do is update your studio settings and personalized and brand it for yourself. You will find the studio settings as the third menu in the drop down menu in the person icon.

Your Basic Settings section is where you will upload your logo, background image, edit your studio name, intro text and set product currencies. From here you can also add contract templates, manage your subscription, monitor your referrals and begin accepting payments from your clients.

Screenshot of the Basic Settings Page under the Studio Settings Menu.

Set your logo and background image for your login page

Upload your logo by dragging and dropping it or by sourcing it on your computer. Your logo can be in a JPG, PNG or GIF format. Click on your logo in the top left and you can preview the changes you’ve made to your login page.

Set your default product currency

This lets you set the default currency you use when adding products to your catalog. This can be overridden on an individual product if need be.

Add a welcome video to your clients dashboards

This is a great way to get your clients feeling comfortable in the studio. Simply create a video (we like Loom for this) and upload the finished product to YouTube. You can then copy and paste the YouTube link into the welcome video are of your studio settings. It will now appear to each of your clients when they log in.

Screenshot of highlighted client welcome video section (middle right) on the basic settings page under the Studio Settings menu.

Add your Addresses

This is where you can add additional addresses you would like to potentially ship product to (ex: a warehouse, receiver etc) These location will become available ship to locations on your POs

Add your contracts

You can create multiple contract templates which can be imported into any project. 

How to add a contract in Contract Templates?

In order to add a template, please copy and paste the body of the contract/ scope of work/ letter of agreement in the Contract body. Click here for more information about Contract Templates.

If need be, you can now delete and existing Contract Template.

Questionnaire Templates

In order to add a template, please copy and paste the iframe code from your questionnaire in the Questionnaire body. Click here for more information about Questionnaire Templates.

Accept Payments

Payments allow you to make charges that your client can safely and easily pay online through their login using their credit card. Get paid faster and let your client's collect those reward points!


Embed your login form

We offer you the ability to have your clients log in directly from your site! If you want a login page on your site styled and customized to your brand you can add our embedded login form to it. Learn more

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