In the top right of your screen, in person icon, you will find the User Management menu. You can add users within this section and determine what they can and can't see or do.

An example might be a design assistant; You may want to give them access to view projects, spaces, and payments, but not the ability to edit all aspects of them.

Because everyone works differently with their employees, trades, and clients we wanted to be sure that you have as much flexibility to work the way you want.

User Roles

User roles allow you to set specific viewing, editing and creation parameters for each user you grant access to. This meaning that if you have many different employees, assistants, trades, sub trades etc; You are now able to allow each of them specific permissions to areas of your projects.

To assign a role:

Add a role by clicking the padlock in the top left of the user management screen, click the +

Now you can give a name to the role as well as a description. You are then able to determine the permissions for the role you have created (ex. they can view and edit existing packages, but cannot create new ones).

Need some help with this? Don't be shy to write to us in the orange chat bubble found in your studio.

To edit a role:

User roles may be edited to change the permissions. Click on the padlock icon to open the roles panel then click on the role you'd like to edit:

To give a user access

  1. Create a user

  2. Assign them a user role

  3. Click the invite button in the top right to invite them

  4. Have them follow the instructions to reset their password after logging in with the temporary password emailed by you 

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