Embedding Your Questionnaire

Within each project, space, or package there is an area to embed a snippet of code which will bring in a questionnaire you have created with the help of a 3rd party program. Currently this area can be found in the project menu or under the space info tab of any space or package. You can also create questionnaire templates in your studio settings

Once your client has submitted the questionnaire to you, if you don't want them to be able to submit more than once we suggest removing the code.

Create studio questionnaire templates:

Tip: No matter what you are using to create your questionnaire, as long as it can output an iFrame embed code then you should be able to embed it into Mydoma Studio.

You can also embed the code directly in the space or package questionnaire:

Pro Tip: Once added, you can easily view your embedded questionnaire from the client view of your project.

To simplify the process of embedding your questionnaire, we have listed some popular forms that will allow you to export the snippet of code needed. Listed below are links detailing how to achieve this.

Google Forms

To get your embed code from Google Forms click on the "Send" button in the top right. In the popup that comes up click on the tab with the "<>" icon, then choose the sizing you want and copy the text.


Once you are done with your questionnaire click on the publish button. In the publish menu select the "Embed" tab and then in the "Embed Options" dropdown select iFrame. Then just select the code and copy it or click on the "Copy code" button.


Once saved click on the "Share Form" button at the bottom right of your form. On the share screen under the "Embed your form" select the "Embed with iFrame" tab. Select and copy the code or click on the "Copy Code" button.

These are the current instructions and 3rd party sites may change over time so if this does not work, please notify us and reference the 3rd party site documentation for embedding instructions

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