Purchasing a Package

As we mentioned earlier, packages are a great way to create additional revenue for your business and with Mydoma studio it couldn't be easier. We wanted to make sure that the purchasing process was also easy for your clients.

Purchase Form

Once a client has decided on the package they would like to purchase, they simply click the "purchase" button and fill out the purchase form. Clients are required to set an email and password during the purchase process because after a successful purchase has been made, they are automatically logged into your account as a client to view their purchase. Clients will continue to log in with these credentials going forward.

Note: If your package price is $0 the client will not need to provide any credit card details. All purchases are processed through our payment gateway. Learn more about our payment gateway and the fees associated.

package purchase.png

Pro Tip: After a successful payment, the client and package details is automatically entered into your project dashboard as a "non custom project". This way if they need more customized help and you would like to turn the package into a custom project, you're already one step ahead! We will explain how to turn a package into a custom project on the next page.

Latest Design Packages

Anyone who lands on your login page can view and purchase packages. Packages can be accessed by the categories you have set at the top of your page or by selecting one of the latest packages at the bottom of your page.

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