From Package to Project

We wanted to make it easy for you to work with clients who might need a customized solution for their space once they have purchased a package.

Purchased Packages:

Purchased packages by default are considered "non-custom" projects.

Your Purchase Packages can be found under your project dashboard.

Simply use the search/filter button at the top left to specify that you are looking for "Purchased packages". Clients who have purchased a package have the ability to use the messaging center just like in a space. This way they can reach out to you from within their package to ask for additional help.

Turning A Package into a Regular Project

If you agree to work with the client in a more customized capacity simply turn the purchased package (non-custom) into a project.

Visit your projects dashboard/ projects menu.

Filter your search to "Purchased Packages"

Choose the "Purchased Package" project you'd like to turn custom by clicking "make full project" button.

The "Package" project then becomes a full regular project and is moved into the projects filtered list

A Regular Project

Once you have turned a project from package, you and your client will have access to all of the areas they would normally have in a custom project and space.

Pro Tip: If you are not the Admin, you must have the Project permission to Edit and/or Create in order to be able to see and turn purchased packages custom.

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