In Mydoma you have absolute control on what a client can see. Also, there are different layers of visibility in Mydoma and you are able to turn these toggles ON or OFF as per your requirements.

Different Layers of Visibility for the Clients:

  • Project Info Page Visibility Toggle

  • Space Info Page Visibility Toggle

  • Proposal Visibility Toggle

  • Select Deliverables you need to make visible

  • Mood board Visibility Toggle

Project Info Page

When on the Project Info Page, your visible to client option is your main switch to Client's being able to view their project.

Screenshot of project info under an open project. Visible to client toggle check box is highlighted.

No matter what all is made visible in a project at Space level or proposal level. If you TURN OFF the PROJECT INFO Level Visibility toggle, the entire Project becomes inaccessible or rather not visible to the client. 

💡Pro Tip:  If you need to make some changes or you need to hide the project for sometime from the client, just because you are working upon something, so rather than tracing back all the visibility layers, just turn off the MAIN SWITCH Visibility toggle at the Project Info Page!! 💡

Client View

When your clients log in they will only see what you’ve given them permission to see. Your clients can change their personal information and it will automatically update in your studio.

Now make Space Info page visible:

Screenshot of a project’s space Info tab with the name of the space, the info tab, and the visible to client toggle highlighted.

Here are some screenshots from the clients perspective of the test project we've made, once the Proposal is set to Visible to Client:

Screenshot of the proposal tab open under a space of your project. Proposal controls and client visibility toggle highlighted.

Client's Proposal View

Screenshot of test Client View of proposal. Stop Viewing as Client button in blue action bar is highlighted.


Screenshot of View as Client view of Contract. Stop Viewing as Client button in blue action bar is highlighted.

Messaging Center

Screenshot of client's view of Messaging Center. Client has Group and Direct messaging options for their project only.

💡Pro Tip: At any point while working on a project you can click “view as”. By clicking this button you be able to get an over view of how the screen will look from your clients perspective. 💡

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