You can keep all your clients and their contact information easily organized within your Mydoma Studio account. The client dashboard shows a snapshot of information about your clients including how many projects and spaces they have. Clients can be added, edited and archived from here.

Screenshot of Clients dashboard page. Client information is shown in four columns: First Name, Last Name, Email, and # of projects. At the far right of each row are three dots.

Pro Tip: Rather than using delete we give the option to archive. This means when something is gone it’s not gone for good, only hidden and can be brought back by clicking “unarchive”. To archive a client, click on the three dots and select Archive Client.

Creating or editing a client

Add a new client by clicking “add new client”. The fields marked with a red asterisk are required to be filled out. Ensure you have an up to date email address for your client because it’s this address that they will later use to login to view and collaborate on their project. Use the notes box to keep personal notes about your client such as parking instructions, times for meeting etc. This section is private to the designer.

Screenshot of Client's profile page.

To give your clients access automatically

  1. Click on an existing client

  2. Click the "Invite this client" button

  3. Ask your client to login with their email and password you just sent. Ask your client to change their password by visiting their edit profile area in the top right.

  4. Your clients can now log in with their email and password they set. Clients will only see projects and spaces after they have been assigned to them and made visible. This will be covered under creating projects and spaces.

To learn more about inviting your clients to log in, check out this article

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