The Deliverables section is where you will upload the deliverables for a space. Deliverables can be just about anything from files to embed code to a video URL. Files need to be saved as a jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, docx, skp, xls, xlsx, dwg, numbers, or zip file. You can have as many or as few deliverables as you like.

You can upload multiple files to a deliverable too.

💡Pro Tip: Because you can choose to make only certain deliverables visible to the client, the Deliverables section is a great place to keep all of your project files.

To add a deliverable

To upload your own deliverables, just press the “add a deliverable” button in the top right.

Name the deliverable

Then source the file on your computer and hit upload. You can upload single or multiple files per deliverable.

By Default a deliverable will not be visible to the client. Check “visible to client” if you want the client to see the deliverable. This is great for versioning control. Deliverables can be made visible or hidden as you please. You can also continue adding documents to a deliverable after it’s been created.

Pro Tip: Use the sort button to change the order of the deliverables you have uploaded. The order you determine in the sorting window will remain until which point you open the sort menu and change it.


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