Package Proposal

Similar to spaces, you can also create a list of recommended products for purchase in a package. This "product list" does not display your trade pricing. It’s a visual list of all the products you're suggesting, the quantity, retail pricing and links of where to buy.

Remember when we created our personalized product catalog and added products to a space? Adding products to a package is the same process quick and easy process!

  1. From within a package, click on the Proposal tab.

  2. Add products by clicking the drop down box and scrolling to the product you want or by typing the name of it.

  3. The quantity for each product is set at 0 by default, so make sure you update the quantity.

For the full list of steps, visit our proposals page.

Pro Tip #1: You're creating packages for a larger audience and the goal is to sell the design repeatedly so consider choosing products that are easily available.

Pro Tip #2: Adding affiliate links to the products in your package is an easy way to add a little extra income to your bottom line. (Don't forget to follow all local laws about disclosing these links!)

All you need to do is paste the affiliate link into the product in the Product URL:

Then add the products to the proposal section of your package.

Here's how the product will look in a purchased package (the Purchase online link contains your affiliate link):

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