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Spaces are essentially projects within projects.  Use spaces to manage and organize specific details on a project. The info section is used to gather high level information, such as budget, scope of work and images. This section is visible to your client. 

Visible to Client:
Click "Visible to client" to have the "space" show up in your clients project binder. 

Budget: Set a budget for the project. As you build out your proposal the total will be subtracted from the budget

Status: You can edit the status of a space within a project by clicking "status" drop down. For example if a part of a project is put on hold, choose "on hold" as the status for the space. Statuses are not automatically updated. You can change them as needed.

Description:  Use this section to document the scope of work and the client requirements. This will be visible to your client. 

Before Images: Upload before images. Click "Client can upload before images" to allow your client to upload images. 

Space/ Project Files: Use this section to upload important documents such as site measurements, notes, etc. Click "Client can upload" to allow your client to upload files. 

Inspiration Images: Upload inspiration images. Click "Client can upload" to allow your client to upload inspiration images.

After Images: Upload after images. Click "Client can upload " to allow your client to upload after images. A great feature if working remotely with your client. 

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