URL image uploader

Quickly upload images to your studio by pasting the image URL. This feature is especially helpful when creating products for your product catalog or adding inspiration photos.

  1. Find the product you want to specify on a webpage

  2. Right click on the image

  3. Click “copy image URL”

  4. In the "add product" pop up window, click on :upload feature image" and then select "upload image via url"

  5. Paste the link in “image URL” box of the image uploader

  6. Click “get image”

Pro Tip: Sometimes you’ll land on webpage that has the image roll over tool already activated ( zoom tool). In this case you won’t be able to right click to the get the image URL.

In this instance you’ll have to click “view image larger” to open the image. Once it’s open right click on the image and you’ll see the “copy image url” option.

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