Chasing your clients for payments can feel like a full-time job but it doesn't need to be. Mydoma Studio makes it easy for you to get paid quickly. Offering your client the option to pay by credit card is convenient for them. No more sending invoices by email and having them get lost. Clients log directly into their account to view and pay for invoices directly. 

How to email an invoice and accept payment from a client

First, look over your invoice to make sure everything is correct and that there are no warning triangles. When everything is ready, click the button beside Ready for client to pay.

If you would like to email the invoice to your client, click Email invoice in the top action bar. Customize the message to your client. Your client will receive an email with a link to securely pay the invoice by credit card without having to log in.

Alternatively, message your client and have them log into the studio and pay directly. Clients can pay invoices by credit card or ACH when logging in.

Why is “email invoice” greyed out ?

An invoice must have no errors, have a client assigned, and be set “ready to pay” in order to email the invoice to the client.

Passing Credit Card Fee to a Client

You can easily pass the credit card processing fees along to your client, see the amount that you are making before and after passing the credit card processing fees to your client by checking the box as shown in the video below.

Note: By choosing to pass credit card fees onto a client, you agree to adding a fee line item to their checkout total and to having legal right to do so in your local jurisdiction.

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