You can easily let your clients book appointments directly in studio by embedding scheduling software. Mydoma Studio works with Calendly, Acuity, Google.

How to create an appointment:

  1. From the space level, click appointments

  2. Click add appointment

3. Name the appointment: Consultation, meet and greet, etc.
4. Add a link to your booking tool such as: Calendly, Acuity or Google Calendar ( must be a Gsuite user) 

This orange widget icon will let you know the calendar was embedded.

5. Click "view as client" in the top action bar. This will show you how the calendar booking tool shows up in the client view. 

Once the client has booked the appointment successfully, note the confirmed time using the date/time selector provided and it will appear in client view with the date and time you entered.

Why Would I set up appointments at the space rather than the project level?
If your project is larger and includes different rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms you can set up appointments within these spaces rather than for the entire project.

Pro Tip: The appointment booking is also available in Packages and at the project level. 

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