If you're a G Suite user, your Google calendar can be embedded with available appointment time slots for easy booking by your client.  This article will show you step by step on how to set up your calendar appointments and embed them in Mydoma Studio. 

Appointments in Google Calendar / Gmail are only available if you're a G-Suite User. If you're not a G-suite, consider using an alternative service such as Calendly or Acuity. 

  1. Add new calendars(s) by clicking the "three little dots". You're going to create individual calendars for the different appointment types you'd like to offer. Event types could be: client Consultations, virtual consultations, clients meetings etc. 

2. Add a new event to your calendar and choose Appointment Slots.

Ensure you set the duration of the appointment and set the appointment type to the correct calendar. Doing this will allow you to create a separate calendar link for different appointment types. 

Click "More Options" to customize the message to clients, location and repeat schedule.

Customize your schedule by adding a repeat sequence.

3. Leave a custom message to your clients. Consider adding instructions for clients to leave their phone number and address if the appointment will be in the clients home. 

If the meeting will be in your office include your address in the location field. 

If the meeting will be virtual leave location blank. Google will automatically add a free "virtual conference" link after the appointment is booked. 

Note: "Adding guests" is not the spot for adding your clients name. Adding guests is used for employees that will automatically be added to the meeting. 

4. From the edit screen click "this calendar's appointment page" . You'll be able to see the available appointments slots you have created. 

Note: If you're signed in when clicking the appointment calendar link or clicking "view as client" you'll see all events on your calendar. When a client clicks on the link they will only see the available appointment slots.  
Repeat the above steps for your different appointment types. 

5. Now that your appointment slots are set, go to your Mydoma Studio account and
add the calendar URL to an appointment either within a project, space or package. If you need more information on creating appointments in Mydoma Studio click here

6.When a client logs in they will be able to click the appointments tab and the link will direct them to your appointments page.  You can click the "view as client" to see the embedded calendar as well. 

7. A client can book the appointment directly. After they click SAVE the appointment will be added to your calendar and the clients. The appointment slot will no longer be available. 

8. Add a date booked in Mydoma Studio after the appointment is confirmed.


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