Set a budget for the project space and have the proposal deduct from the total. Keep track of your clients spending to ensure your project stays on budget. 

  1. Set the Budget:
    Budget is set at the space level> info tab. 

2. Add products and services to your proposal. The total will be calculated at the top and subtracted from the set budget. 

You can also have a total value translated to the Project Products menu. In this menu, it shows up as a summary of the total value of products for the entire project, this will have products from multiple spaces, and total altogether at the top, with a mention that this might not be final.

Pro Tip: The budget also shows up from the client's view, hence when you are at a stage to share the Space and your proposal/ product list with the client, they can see if their project is running within budget. This helps them to stay confident in your work. To view what/ how the client will see this, switch to the client view.

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