Are you experiencing any issues lately with your Product Clipper (in your Bookmarks), to identify if better, do you see a scissor icon ✂ on your Clipper?

Does it tell you that "you're not signed in" (as shown in the screenshot below) and after signing in the clipper closes.

Error Screen:

🥁🥁Believe it or not, this is great news for you. We have officially phased out this Legacy Bookmarklet Product Clipper and it has been replaced by a more robust and reliable Product Clipper Extension. 🥁🥁

Let's begin with a step by step process in your brand new journey called HAPPY CLIPPING 😃📎

Step 1: How to remove the Legacy Clipper from your bookmarks?

It is pretty easy remove a bookmark.

Just right click on the Product Clipper> a dialog box will appear> select Delete and you will notice that the Clipper bookmark vanishes. (These steps work on Google Chrome)

Please note if you are a Safari user here's a link to assist you:

Please note if you are a Mozilla Firefox user here's a link to assist you:

If you still have queries about how to remove the legacy product clipper please message us in the Orange Chat bubble or email us at

Learn how to install the product clipper extension to save products to your catalog and use in project and packages. Please click on this link to access the complete article:

How to Install and Sign in to the Product Clipper Extension on Chrome and Safari.

If the problem persists, please message us in app or email us at .

Don't forget that you can manually create products directly from your studio, too!

From within your catalog, choose "Create product" in the top action bar.  

  1. Fill in the product name and set product category 

  2.  Click Upload feature image. Choose Upload "image via URL" ( this is the easiest if the clipper isn't working)

  3.  Optional: You can also choose to add it directly to a project or package upon creation.

  4.  Click Create product.

  5.  Continuing filling in product information. Don't forget to set a Vendor.

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