Creating “Grouped” products

You can group individual items ( products and services) into one grouped product. Grouped products are perfect for selling custom products such as furniture, drapery, or cabinetry. Individual items in a grouped product can be marked up, discounted and taxed. Clients can approve the individual components of the grouped product or the product as a whole.

How to create a grouped product? 

  1. Click “ create group” in the top action bar 

  2. A new product is added to your proposal 

  3. Edit the name of your grouped product 

  4. Upload a feature image

  5. Select a product category

  6. Add tax if applicable

  7. Add a quantity. The total will not update until you add items to the group. 

  8. Add items to a grouped product From within your grouped product click “add items”  or “add existing items” “Add existing items” are products or services already added to your proposal. “Add items” open your “item window” to choose products from your catalog or services. 

  9. Select items to add to the grouped item. 

  10. The total price of the custom group will be the sum of the individual items 

How are quantities calculated on grouped products?
If you have a "grouped product" with a quantity greater than 1, the items in the grouped product ( products or services) will be multiplied by the quantity of the group. 

For example:
You have a grouped product called "dining room window treatments". You have two windows exactly the same. The grouped product has a quantity of two.
The items in the group (the rod, finials, fabric and workroom labor) are multiplied by two. 

When adding labor to grouped products, ensure the labour is calculated per product ie. per window treatment. If you only have a total price, then simply divide the total service cost by the number of windows you're ordering.

Example Pricing Sheet with Grouped Products

Example Order with Grouped Products

Should I assign a vendor to my grouped product?

You should assign a vendor to your grouped product if the grouped product if the vendor will be ordering all the products ( even if they come from different vendors) 

 Example: You’re ordering custom drapery from your workroom and they are ordering the fabric, hardware and providing the labor.  Assigning a vendor to the grouped product allows you to create one order for all the items in the grouped product.

How to Order Grouped Products from one Vendor

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