Project Designer Pricing Sheet

The project pricing sheet is found at the project level. It is an aggregate view of all the space proposals created in a project.

This tool is for the design professional and is not visible to your client. The pricing sheet is broken down by category. Each item on the pricing sheet has its corresponding room or space. At a glance the pricing sheet show your cost, client price and profit. The pricing sheet is not editable. This is because the pricing sheet is directly linked to the proposal. if you'd like to add or edit, you do this from the space proposal. The pricing sheet can be exported as a CSV and opened in Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers. There is also a designer pricing sheet automatically generated per space.

Troubleshooting the pricing sheet

I am seeing N/A for pricing?

The first reason is you haven't set a price for the product. The pricing sheet references the products in the space and if your products don't have prices, the pricing sheet can't be created.

The second reason is that you've haven't set a quantity. If you don't have a quantity set the pricing sheet can't calculate totals.

Some products are uncategorized?
The categories sections in the pricing sheet are automatically generated based on the categories set for the products in your proposals. If your product has no category set, the pricing sheet will add it to uncategorized. To fix this, visit your catalog and set the product category for the products without one.

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