We're hosting a series of 5 exclusive webinars for Mydoma partners. Choose the day that best work for you!

Sessions are 30 minutes of live teaching followed by live Q/A, Click on the training titles to sign up!!

Advance Training 1: Proposal and Custom Products

Join us to learn how to create and manage your Proposals. In this training you will learn how you can use the Custom Products feature and send off pretty looking proposals for client approval!! We'll also learn how to control the client's visibility.

Advance Training 2: Order, Invoices & Reporting

Join us to learn how to create and manage your Purchase Orders and/ or Work Order, Invoices. We will also learn about the reporting functionality for Orders and Invoices

Advance Training 3: Quickbooks Troubleshooting

Join us to learn how to setup the you Mydoma-QB integration as well as learn the common troubleshooting tips and tricks for your invoice exporting issues.

Advance Training 4: Packages Setup

Join us to learn how to setup the your Virtual Consultation Package and embedding these on your website.

Advance Training 5: Time Tracking

Join us to learn how to use Time Tracking in Mydoma for your own efficiency or to charge your clients for you billable hours.

See you at the webinars! ๐Ÿ’ป

If you are looking for a little more basic training: Please click on the link and sign up for the Basic Trainings.

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