Mydoma Next is the next version of Mydoma Studio will be available for existing Mydoma Studio designers in Spring / early summer. The new version of the software is jam packed with new features & improvements to existing features. This major release will set the stage for continuous improvements and regular feature updates. Below we have summarized the key feature and workflow changes you can expect in Mydoma Next.

Mydoma App

The Mydoma App will be available on Android and IOS. All functionalities of the web software are available on mobile. The app will be available to existing customers once their accounts have been migrated.

Proposals, Spaces and Views

The current proposal section is being changed to “products and services”.

This is where you’ll have a running list of products and services in your projects. Spaces are going away and are replaced with views! You can create custom views of this list, with different combinations of filters and tags! You have complete flexibility of what product or service you show, details, and who you share the view with, whether it’s a contractor, client or vendor!

The proposals section will now be more traditional proposals. You put items and/or services on the proposal and let the client approve them. You and your client can also comment back and forth in the proposal tab itself!


In Mydoma Next we have expanded the moodboard capabilities to add text, ability to rotate images, background grid, colours and export images. Further moodboard such as background remover, custom backgrounds among other capabilities are on our roadmap but have not been scheduled yet.

Learn more about Moodboards here


You can now change out the colour scheme. Custom colours will be available in a future release. Fonts in the software cannot be changed specifically for usability experience.

Learn more about Studio Themes here

New User Interface.

A brand new look and feel. Cleaner, easier to navigate with and updated look and feel. Ability to change the colour scheme!

Project Templates

Create your own project templates with the features and file templates that you need for your project. Turn off the features you don’t need. Ie. appointments. Add default contracts, files, folders etc. so a project has all the assets you need before you start.

Learn more about Project Templates here


Shipping is now available on an individual product and can be taxable or not.

Learn more about adding Shipping to products here

Files and Media Sharing

Deliverables are changing to files and media. Files and media will be at the project level as spaces no longer exist. You can create as many folders as you like and decide who has access to view and upload. Your existing “deliverables” will be copied over to the files and media section of a project with client permissions you set.

Learn more about Files & Media here

If you need any additional support, click the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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