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Get Started with Mydoma

Welcome to Mydoma Studio! Get started by setting up and customizing your Studio to better fit you and your business.

Training & Resources

Looking for some extra help? Check out our live training & demos


Easily see appointments, tasks, shipment ETAs, and calendar events


Tutorials for accessing and using your Visualizer


Learn how clients experience Mydoma Studio.

Team Management

Create roles such as Contractors, Designers, 3D Renderers, Virtual Assistants, and more then invite them to login to your Studio.


Learn how to add vendors, add products from your catalog and set your default markup and discount


Sell packages in your studio or on your own website.


Think of Projects in Mydoma Studio as "binders". High level organization and actions are done at the project level. Projects are then further broken down into spaces. Everything you need to know about creating and managing projects in Mydoma Studio.


Create or upload a contract or letter of agreement for your client to electronically sign off. You can also create a contract template.


Embed your questionnaire into a project or package and save it as a template to use again in the future.


Add appointment links to your Studio Projects and Packages

Files & Media

Add project documents, files, images, and embeds to your project and allow your client to do so too!

Product Clipper

Using the Mydoma Studio product clipper is one of the easiest ways to save products from your favorite websites to your product catalog.

Product Catalog

Your library for products you like the most and love to offer to your clients.


How to add, manage and edit services.

Products & Services

Add products, services, and custom product combinations to help manage project quantities, markups, and discounts.


Think of projects in Mydoma Studio as design binders. The binders are broken down into sections called Views/Spaces. Views are used to manage and organize specific details on a project.

Design Boards

Create beautiful design boards in seconds. Upload images, add text, and more!


Create Purchase Orders, Work Orders, and Estimate Requests to send off to your Vendors.


Create proposals for clients to view and approve.

Invoices & Getting Paid

Learn how to create and edit Invoices as well as send them off to your clients for payment.


Reporting on all Orders, Invoices, Purchased Packages, and Payments

Task Management

Learn how to use Task Management

Timer and Time Tracking

You can now track time and bill your clients directly for these time entries!!


Create post-it or checklist notes within your Studio. Keep them just for the team or share with clients!

QuickBooks Integration

Learn everything you need to know about successfully using Mydoma and QuickBooks

Studio Updates

A collection of studio update details, including new features and integrations.

Moving to Mydoma NEXT
Project Processes Playbook

Applying the Mydoma Method to Any Project Type