Embedding a Package

We offer you the ability to make additional revenue directly from your site! If you want a store page on your site, styled and customized to your brand you can add embedded packages or package categories to it.

Follow these easy steps:

  1. From within your studio, click the "packages" button in your main drop down menu.

  2. Select "package widget"  in the top right

  3. Select a package or an entire package category to embed from the drop down menus on the left.

  4. Determine how or if you would like the feature image displayed.

  5. Select your font

  6. Determine button text

  7. Select colours

  8. Adjust the form size if needed and copy the code.

  9. Copy and paste the code onto your site or blog where desired.

Note: Please be aware this may require you to contact someone technical if you do not have access to add code to your website.

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