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Package Info Tab
Package Info Tab

Add currency, tax and store page info on this page for the package.

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Package Info Tab

After creating a package you’ll be on the package Info page. The next step is to give your package a price, feature/teaser images, package Currency and tax, package description (that will appear on the store page) and the Post Purchase information, that will appear on the Package Info page to the client. You can also change the category of a package by choosing from the drop down menu.

Therefore, main components on Info page are:

Package Title

Package Tax

Package Currency

Package Price

Package Category

Package Description

Post Purchase Information

Related Packages

Click publish package to make the package visible on your login page.

Pro Tip #1: The feature image can be anything that visually represents your package. We suggest you don't add any mood boards or shopping lists as feature or teaser images as they will be visible prior to purchase.

Pro Tip #2: The related packages drop down menu is where you will be able to link this package to others it is similar to. Anyone who views a particular package will also see the related packages if you have set them.

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