Get Started Accepting Payments

The basics to get started accepting payments in your studio.

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Basic Information

To streamline the process of getting paid, Mydoma offers you the ability to create invoices and receive payments directly through your studio. Offering your clients the option of paying by credit card is an added convenience for them and you’ll get paid faster! Cheques take time to collect, and deposit, then you have to wait for the payment to clear. Clients often prefer to put larger payments on a credit card to take advantage of the rewards points.

Payment processor

Currently, Mydoma is using Stripe as the payment gateway and makes use of Stripe Connect to make the process of setting up and/or connecting your Stripe account to our platform quick and easy.

Note: Please be aware that there are per transaction fees for using payments so please checkout the fees page which lists the current rates.

You will use your Stripe dashboard for (but not limited to) the following:

  • To setup all your bank info (for getting your money from Stripe)

  • Setting up your invoice email for your clients

  • Email settings for you to get notified when successful charges occur through Stripe

  • Keeping track of total charges collected and paid out to you

  • Issuing refunds

Help and support

Although Stripe is its own service and very user friendly, if you have any questions and you are not sure if you should contact Stripe support then feel free to contact Mydoma support and we will make sure you get your questions answered. Stripe support can be found here

Get Connected

If you do not have a Stripe account already, you do not need to go to Stripe to create an account, you can create one from inside the studio!

To connect Stripe to your studio, you will select your studio name at the top left, and go to "Studio Settings."

From here you will want to navigate to the "Payments" tab.

At the top right click "Connect with Stripe" to sync your account or get started with one!

You'll need to follow the next steps to either login using an existing Stripe account or create a new account.

Once you have finished it should direct you back to your studio and should now show you the option to disconnect Stripe should you ever need to.

**If you are located in the United States and would like to accept bank transfers, you can find out more here!**

If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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