Mood Board Tab

We’ve built an easy tool for making mood boards. Mood boards are dynamically created by adding products to the proposal or uploading product images from your computer.

You can now:

  1. Add a product multiple times to a mood board.

  2. Add ANY image to a mood board - it doesn't need to be a product

  3. Edit the names of products/ images on your mood board legend

How to create a mood board?

Click on the Mood board tab

Adding Products, Arranging Images, Resizing Images, and Removing Products

Use the add product drop down to find and add products. You can also start typing the name of a product too. You will only see products here that you’ve added to the space from the product tab.

You will only see products here that you’ve added to the space from the product tab. Check the boxes of the products you want to add to the mood board and then click the Add Selected Products button.

Product Images will automatically be placed on top of one another. Click an image to make it current and place it where you would like it on the board.

You can resize images by dragging from the bottom right hand side.

Resize and reorganize your images until you’re happy with the final layout.

You can remove products from a mood board by clicking the “X” and the product will still remain in the shopping list.

Uploading Images

You can also choose to upload images directly to your mood board by selecting Upload images. These images can be resized and moved just like the product images. The legend will pull the label for the uploaded image from the images file name.

Saving Your Work

Don't forget to save your mood board as you work by clicking on the Save now button in the orange action bar.

Adding Dropshadows and Changing Background and Border Colour

Dropshadows can be added to the images by clicking Image dropshadow. You can also change the border and background colour of your mood board by clicking on the colour swatch. Colours can be chosen arbitrarily or you can enter specific colour codes to match your branding.

Creating and Editing the Legend

As product images are added to your mood board they are identified with a number that corresponds to auto generated legend at the bottom of the page.

If you add or remove products from your mood board the legend is automatically updated to reflect these changes.

The label is the product name you assigned to the product when you added it to your catalog, but you can edit it directly on the legend if you'd like.

When your masterpiece is complete, click “Visible to client” and the next time your client logs in their mood board will be there for them.

Saving Mood Board as Image

If you wanted to save your mood board to your computer as an image, simply right click and select save image.

Pro Tip: Your logo is automatically added to the mood board if you’ve previously uploaded it into the studio settings. The name of mood board will match the name of the space.

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