Messaging Center

At the top right corner of your studio you will find the messaging center. You and your other users (with permissions set) can send and receive messages about their projects and anything else they need between users or clients from within your studio. Your clients will see your messages when they log in and can respond back. You and your clients will receive email notifications every time a message is sent. You and your clients will be notified of new individual or group messages the next time you log into your account. No more forgetting to CC a core team member with group messages!

Create a new chat

To create a new chat room, you will select the plus icon at the top left of the message center.

From here you will give the chat room a title and select which users/clients you'd like to have in the chat. At the bottom right you have the options to "cancel" or "done" to create the chat.

Edit a chat

If you need to edit the chat, you will select the pencil icon at the top right to rename the chat or add/remove people from the chat.

To remove a single person from the chat you will select the "x" on the right side of their name. You also have the "x" at the very far right, not connected to a name. This will remove everyone from the chat all together.

To add someone to the chat you will select the drop down and click on the names you want to add. It will show a green checkmark on the right as you are selecting people to chat with. Select "ok" at the bottom right to save any changes.

***Note: If you add someone to a chat room they will be able to see all messages that were ever in that specific chat room (message chain).

Sending a message

When you are ready to send a message to someone you will select the chat you want to message on the left and then type in the message box below. You do have some rich text options at the top of the message box as well.

Then to send you will select the arrow at the bottom right. Be sure you are ready to send before you select send. It works like and email where you are not able to unsend/delete a message.

How to know you have a new message

When you receive a message from your client or team members you will see a dot on the message icon with the number of how many new messages you have.

When you open your message center, the Chat Room that has the new message will be in bold.

Archiving and Unarchiving

If you no longer need a chat open, you can select to archive it at the top right from within the specific chat room. If you archive the chat room this will also archive it for your clients.

If you need to unarchive a chat room, you will check the "Archived" box at the bottom left to see all archived chat rooms. When you select the chat room you would like to unarchive, you will see the option to unarchive chat in the right panel.

If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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