Messaging Center

At the top right corner of your studio you will find the messaging centre. You and your other users (with permissions set) can send and receive messages about their projects, spaces and anything else they need between users or clients from within your studio. Your clients will see your messages when they log in and can respond back. You and your clients will receive email notifications every time a message is sent. You and your clients will be notified of new individual or group messages the next time you log into your account. No more forgetting to CC a core team member with group messages! Lastly, you; the designer are also able to see who has read up until where in group messages, so you can tell which person may be falling behind on important details.

The messages tab will remember a message as you type it. This way if you are in the middle of writing a message to a client and have to duck out to a meeting it will still be there when you return (even if you logged out or closed your browser)

Group vs. Direct Messaging

Group messages can be sent from within the messaging center, just like direct messages. The difference here is that with the ability to add multiple clients and users to a project, you are able to message everyone at once given that they are part or the particular project or space. Need to message only one person? Thats no problem! simply start typing their name under the direct message tab and you can message them individually.

Group Messages

Users need to be assigned to a project to be able to send group messages. Clients can send and receive group messages when they are assigned to a project, even when the project isn’t visible to them.

Direct Messages

Direct messages can be thought of as a continuous conversation. If a user is invited into a studio, and has messaging capability they can send direct messages without being assigned to a project. Clients can also send direct messages without being assigned to a project.

Pro tip: Messages are tied directly to individual spaces, projects or individuals. This feature allows communication to be better organized and reduces the amount of lengthy emails.

Screenshot of the message center showing a group message sent under an active project.
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