The project dashboard shows us a list of all our projects, spaces and snapshot of information about each one. Learn how  to create projects and add spaces. Projects in Mydoma Studio are subdivided into spaces. Learn how to create and organize your projects and spaces.

How to add a project? Click the "add project" in the top right action bar.  

At this stage you can also assign clients, and team users and a status. By default the admin will always be on the project. You can add users and clients afterwards as well. 

How to add a space?
Spaces are added to existing projects. Click the add "new space" in the top right action bar. Assign the the space to a project. The space can be edited, archived and reorganized. There is no limit to the number of spaces per project.  

Information on the Project Dashboard:

Project Status: We can see the status (in progress, on hold, waiting etc.) 

Client(s): Clients assigned to the project and the last time they have logged in

Date: the project was created and last edited

Search/ Filter:  Use the search and filter to find a specific project. Clicking the "Search and filter" in the top left to action bar will open a search window. You can search by project name, client name, active, archived, custom, non-custom and status.

Can I delete a project?
No you cannot delete a project but you can "archive it". Archiving hides the project but allows you to bring it back when needed. Use the search and filter to find and make archived projects active again. 

How do I remove a space?

If you would like to remove a space from a project entirely, simply click the 3 dots on the right side of the space and select "remove space". Please note that by doing this you are permanently deleting the space and all of its contents. 

Can I move the a space from one project to another? Yes you can! If you would like to move a space to another project click the 3 dots on the right side of the space and select "change project"

What are project statuses?
Project statuses are the phases of the project.  By default Mydoma Studio comes pre-loaded with: complete, in progress, on hold, waiting on client.  These statuses are not automatically updated. You can change a project status as needed.

How do I create a custom status?
From the project dashboard, click statuses in the top action bar. then click the "+". A new window opens and you're prompted to create a new project status.  

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