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Manually add a product to your catalog
Manually add a product to your catalog

Learn how to add a product to your catalog without using the clipper.

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Do you want to add a product to your catalog that you already have an image for? Maybe it is an antique item or something the client already owns. You can do this very easily, right from within the catalog.

Go to the Product Catalog page within your Studio.

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Click "+ Add new" in the upper right-hand corner

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A box will pop up allowing you to input the Product's information.

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Info & Pricing

  • Product Name - Name your product! Keep in mind, that clients will be able to see this Product Name if added to their project.

  • Description - Describe the product or add any additional information you may need. (Ex. seat height on a sofa, or bulb type for the light fixture)

  • Price Type - Is the price you added Trade or Retail price?

  • Currency - This is automatically configured to your Studio's default currency but you can click on the dropdown menu to change it if need be.

  • Base Tax Rate - What tax rate needs to be applied to this product? This dropdown will pull from the Tax Rates already entered into your Studio.

  • Price - What is the price for the product? (Base price defined in price type whether it's retail or trade pricing)

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Product Sourcing

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  • Product Code - What is the product SKU or item number?

  • Vendor - Who are you buying it from?

  • Manufacturer - Who made the product?

  • Product URL - A good place to put the vendor URL to this specific product

  • Local URL - Where can you buy this locally?

  • Manufacturer URL - A good place to put the manufacturer's URL to this specific product

  • Category - An easy way to help filter through your catalog. Click in the dropdown menu to select your category. These Categories are set.

  • Subcategory - Add as many Subcategories as you'd like! This helps filter through your catalog as well.


    To add a Subcategory, first, be sure you selected a Category, then click in the dropdown menu to either select a Subcategory you've already made or create a new one.
    To create a new Subcategory, click the dropdown menu then type in the field box what you'd like to add as a Subcategory. Click "Create: ..." Examples of Subcategories for the Category of Lighting Fixtures would be Sconces, Chandeliers, Floor Lamps, Bulbs, etc.

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  • Measure type - Are the dimensions for this product in inches, feet, yards, etc.?

  • Width - What is the width of the product?

  • Height - What is the height of the product?

  • Depth / Length - What is the depth/length of the product?

  • Weight Type - Is the weight of this product measured in pounds, ounces, etc.?

  • Weight - What is the weight of the product?


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  • Finish - What is the finish of the product? Examples: Chrome, Antique Bronze, Veneer, etc.

  • Color - What is the color of the product? Examples: Fabric colors, paint colors, etc.


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  • Tags - Another good way to filter through your catalog even more. You can use tags such as project name, if a light is damp-listed, etc.


Add product images and any additional images you'd like for your client to see.


Add any internal notes for this product. This can include fabric repeat, typical lead times, the manufacturer's name for the product (if you changed the Product Name to something like Living Room Chandelier), etc.

Once you've entered all the information you'd like to include for this product, click "Save."

If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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