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Partner Vendor Products FAQ
Partner Vendor Products FAQ

Mydoma Studio works with vendor partners to help you source trade products easier.

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Who are Mydoma Studio's current vendor partners? 

Currated Kravet


What are partner vendor products? 

Partner vendor products are trade products that are uploaded directly into your Mydoma Studio account.  The products are organized by individual vendor catalogs. The product information, including pricing, is coming directly from our vendor partners.  

Where can I find Partner Vendor Products in Mydoma Studio? 

Partner products are found in their own catalogs from within the main product catalog. 

How is pricing for Partner Vendors set? 

Pricing is set by the vendor and is intended for trade professionals.

Do I need to have a partner vendor account to view trade professional pricing? 

No, you do not. Trade pricing is visible to all Mydoma Studio Designers.  You may need an account with the partner vendor in order to place an order.

Can I mark up products from partner vendors? 

Yes absolutely.  The price you see is the price you (the design professional) will pay to the vendor. It is your responsibility to manage markups and client discounts when reselling. 

How do I order partner vendor products?

Create a purchase order for the products you'd like to order and send it directly to the Vendor through Mydoma Studio. 

Can my client order directly? 

No, your client cannot. Clients will be able to see the marked up pricing in their individual projects. You will be responsible for creating an invoice to the client and placing the order via purchase order in the Mydoma Studio software. This is to ensure your trade pricing and vendor relationships are protected. 

Who is responsible for shipping and delivery? 

Fees for shipping and delivery will be provided by the partner vendor.

Who is responsible for discrepancies, delays, returns, refunds, and inquiries on partner vendor products?

While the products are available for specification in your Mydoma Studio account, Mydoma is not responsible or able to assist with any questions about the vendor products, regarding any delays, discrepancies, refunds or returns. Any inquiries regarding vendor specific questions should be had with the vendor directly.

Who is responsible for refunds and credits? 

Contact the vendor partner directly to request or discuss chargebacks, refunds and credits. It is the vendor's responsibility to resolve that request directly with the Mydoma Studio designer as appropriate.

Are order status and stock levels available? 

At this time we are unable to display current stock levels or order status.  Partner Vendor products is in beta and these features will be made available in the near future.  

How are discontinued products handled?

The partner vendor catalog is automatically updated.  Discontinued products will automatically be removed from the vendor catalog. If you've previously added a product(s) to a project that is now discontinued it will remain in your project.

What currencies are vendor partners products available in?

At this time all products are available in USD funds.

What locations do partners ship to? 

Curated Kravet Ships to the US and Canada. International ( EU and Middle East ) design professionals can purchase through GP & J Baker .

If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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