The best way to log into your studio is to go directly to your studio login page. But do you know what your Studio URL is? Let's learn how to identify and remember our login page and our Studio ID.

Studio URL

Your Studio URL is a unique link provided to you by Mydoma Studio. This link can be used be any user internal or external user (like your Clients) to your design firm.

You should always use this link to login to your studio, you can always bookmark it if you find it difficult to memorize it.

Let's take a look at the screen shot below, so using this URL: anyone can visit my home page. But only users and clients add can log into my studio.

Screenshot of a Mydoma user’s Studio URL. In the URL, the studio ID precedes

Studio ID

Next important information you should be aware of is your Studio ID, you will need your Studio ID to link Clippentory app etc.

The first part of your of Studio URL is your Studio ID: that's how simple it is!!

So take a look at your URL and figure out what your Studio ID is?? 😀

For the above example: The studio ID is: ankita

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