Using the timer in your studio you can accurately track the time spent on billable or non-billable task even easier.

Starting/Stopping the Timer

With the click of a button you can easily start and stop the timer. A the very least a service is required to stop the timer and accurately track an entry. You can start the timer and fill in the pertinent fields to the task you are tracking time for such as; Project/Space, Hourly Rate, Tax Rate and whether the entry is billable or not. This information can be edited if needed from within the Time Tracking page.  To start the timer, simply click on the orange play button.

To stop the timer, click on the gray stop button:

Continue tracking time for a Task

Once you have stopped the timer, you have the option to continue the task or start a new timer. This is makes tracking time for different tasks back to back very easy and efficient. 

When you are all set to see the details on the time you tracked or you want to generate a report for your time entries, simply navigate to the time tracking page.

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