Services can be added, edited and managed from the services dashboard under the  “wrench icon” on your side navigation bar. 

What are Services?
Services can be something you provide, such as design fees or a third party service such as delivery. Services can be added to proposals, invoices and orders. 

How To Add a New Service

How to add a new service? 

Click create service in the top right of the action bar. Choose a name, rate, and tax. By default the currency your account is set to will be the currency for the service. 

How to edit an existing service: 

Name: Give your service a name! 

Currency: Choose a currency 

Rate: Set a fee. This can be hourly or flat fee. Quantities for services are added when creating a proposal so the unit for the rate isn’t necessary. 

Markup: Add a % markup to 3rd party services, such as delivery or installation 

Tax: Do you need to tax your services? If so choose one from your existing list or select “add new” 

For Time Tracking: Click this option if you’d like a service to show up in the time tracker 

Example Services to include in time tracker:

Design development, consultation, product sourcing, site measure, admin, client meetings, delivery and installation.

Example 3rd party Services to markup:

Delivery, installation, contracting and workroom

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