(Not sure how to install your Product Clipper Extension? Click here to find out how.)

Using the Product Clipper Extension

Go to the webpage of the product you’d like to add to your catalog and click the Mydoma Studio Web Clipper icon in your extensions bar.

Select the images you would like to use for your product from the pop up window.

Once you've selected all the images you'd like to use, click the 'Next' button:

To change the feature image, click on the star beside the image you'd like to use:

To move the product clipper window, click on the top of the window and drag it to where you would like it.

On many websites, most of the product information will auto-populate. You can also click on the box beside the information field name

and then click on the webpage where that information is located.

The product clipper will grab the info you have selected and add it to the information field.

Fill out any additional product information the way you'd like it.

You can also choose a space or package proposal where you would like to add the product by clicking on 'Select a space proposal' or 'Select a package'

and then clicking on the proposal of your choice. (If you choose this option, the product clipper will add the product to both your product catalog AND to the proposal you have selected.)

Click 'Save' when you're ready

and then click the 'Close clipper' button.

Visit your studio product catalog to see the newly added product. It may take a minute or so for your product to show up in your product list. Hit refresh on your browser if it does not.

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