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Learning a new program can feel a little overwhelming at times. To help we have created 3 basic trainings to help you understand the fundamentals of Mydoma Studio.

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Lesson 1: Getting Started

Lesson 1: Getting Started

In this lesson, we'll cover the basics of setting up your studio!
You will learn:

  • basic navigation

  • add clients

  • add vendors

  • studio settings

  • tips and tricks!

Lesson 2: Projects and Process in Mydoma

In this lesson, we'll share how to set-up projects, and utilize Mydoma's full suite of features to maximize the efficiency of your design process.

Getting started with the products and services and the potential it has:

Once you have added items to your views and got started, you can move on to more of the process of projects!

Lesson 3: Design Packages

Interested in selling flat rate design services? consultations? ebooks? Design package are your secret weapon. In this lesson, we'll cover the basics of creating, pricing and how clients purchase design packages.

If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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