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Mydoma NEXT Updates - V3.1.1
Mydoma NEXT Updates - V3.1.1

Updates to Mydoma NEXT released on 2022-06-07

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  • Team Management: In Role permissions, "Financial" was changed to "Reporting" for clarity

  • Packages (in-studio): For continuity, changed the action on package cards to match the action on project cards so the package opens when the card is clicked rather than the feature image expanding

  • Images: Increased size in image manipulator


  • Messages: Sender name to show for sent messages

  • Messages: Select user to add to message

  • Messages: Links to be clickable

  • Orders emails: Contact name to be blank instead of autofilling as "Not Set" when the primary contact name has not been set

  • User email: Backing out of editing an email in a profile will now show error if no email address is attached

  • Project Products & Services Search/Filter: Statuses and Types no longer show duplicates of the individual statuses and types

  • Invoice payments: Mark as Unpaid to function as intended

  • Public invoices: Call for images for public invoice to bring in studio logo

  • Client view: Table mode to match visibilities

  • Product Catalog: Search functionality using tags in SOURCC product catalog

  • Project Products & Services: Changed tax total at top to also hide when you hide taxes in the visibility settings

  • Project Products & Services: CSV download to include all columns set as visible


  • Orders emails: Added body text that says "Please follow the URL below to get a PDF version of the purchase order."

  • Messages: Added date and time to messages; can be accessed by clicking on the message itself

  • Messages: Added the ability to highlight and copy text

  • Messages: Added the ability to archive/unarchive messages

  • Timer: Added service rate to timer


  • Project Products & Services: Removed % of client discount when Price Modifier Mode is set to Fixed rather than Percentage


  • Back end to Flutter 3.0

  • Stripe library

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