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Mydoma NEXT Updates - V3.1.2
Mydoma NEXT Updates - V3.1.2

Updates to Mydoma NEXT released on 2022-06-20

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  • Client Profile: Clients can now edit their own information and add additional addresses

  • Project Notes: Notes now use a consistent grid and are no longer staggered

  • Project Files & Media User Access: Users removed from a project will be removed from Files & Media as well


  • Project Products & Services: Currency other than USD to properly show on PDFs

  • Project Notes: Delete/edit notes were skipping oddly

  • Invoice and Proposal PDFs: Spelling errors on Invoice and Proposal PDFs

  • Timer: Timer no longer keeps the same description when starting a new timer

  • Studio Admin Profile: Admin can now add addresses to their profile

  • Packages Reporting: Spelling error on CSV header

  • Project Proposals: Tax on Custom Products to show on Proposal

  • Message Center: Deleting/adding users to conversations will no longer add admin again

  • Order Notes: Now showing on PDFs

  • Client/Team Member Invite Emails: Fixed line breaks in custom message


  • Version number: Mydoma NEXT version number added to billing page

  • Email address format: Emails ending in .co are now allowed

  • Orders: Studio addresses now available for ship-to addresses

  • Project Invoices: Added column to show which invoices have been exported to QuickBooks


  • Project Notes: Clients can no longer archive notes

  • Invoices: Removed ability to add time entries to paid invoices


  • Message Center: Updated UI/UX for clients to make it easier to reply without accidentally clicking the studio welcome video

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