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Mydoma NEXT Updates - V3.1.6
Mydoma NEXT Updates - V3.1.6

Updates to Mydoma NEXT released on 2022-07-14

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  • Proposals: Show a "-" instead of a 0 when shipping is equal to 0

  • Invoice/Proposal/Orders: Updated the headers on PDFs to take up significantly less space on the page


  • Orders: Primary contact information if none entered in vendor profile for POs will not display as "Not set Not set"

  • Orders: Can now manually enter an address on an Order

  • File Uploads: 30 MB file will not error out automatically due to size

  • Project Products & Services View: PDF of View to download properly when filters are set on the view


  • Login on page: Added more login capabilities to allow login directly from the /studio URL page

  • Orders: Added rich text editing on order notes and order status notes

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