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Mydoma NEXT Updates - V3.2.0
Mydoma NEXT Updates - V3.2.0

Updates to Mydoma NEXT released on 2022-07-27

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  • Orders: Currency on Order will now carry over when creating a new invoice directly from that order

  • Orders: Product notes now show on PDF of Order

  • Public Invoices: Fixed error that prevented clients from paying without logging in

  • Views: Fixed error that caused some product descriptions to show in exports of views when the product description field visibility is turned off

  • Contract Templates: Templates will be available immediately for use in other projects


  • Visualizer: Added the Visualizer to studios (includes ability to create floor plans, 3D rendering, panoramas, and 720 tours; files can be added directly to projects' Files & Media)

  • Messages: Added rich text editing

  • Orders: Added rich text editing to status notes

  • Products & Services List: Added ability to search the Products & Services list by product name

  • Project Notes: Added ability to create hyperlinks

  • Package Description: Added ability to create hyperlinks


  • Packages: Removed export button from package views (purchased packages are not affected)


  • Products & Services List: Filter UI has been updated to improve UX


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