Requirements (Use a mouse, Chrome and a Computer vs. tablet)

Start a New Project in the Visualizer

Setting up Your Workspace

  1. Start a new project (types of projects, draw, import from CAD, import image)

  2. Measurements (1st time- Preferences)

  3. How to zoom in and out & How to pan (USE A MOUSE)

  4. Review Dashboard

    1. Remove watermark

    2. Left panel overview

    3. How Enterprise is organized

    4. Bottom panel overview

    5. Right side (3D/2D views & additional options)

Draw a Floor Plan

  1. Draw from scratch

    1. Import a traceable PDF

    2. Import a DWG file.

  2. Change wall sizes

  3. Change the shape of the room

  4. Change ceiling height and name your room

    How to add windows & doors

  1. Change dimensions

  2. Duplicate the model

  3. How to customize windows and doors to a different model

    1. Use arrows to find a different model- quick change out

    2. Go to model library, search and find a model to change it to.

Add paint and flooring

  1. SW paints- where to find

  2. Program flooring & patterns

Apply Baseboards

Add Gable Ceilings

  1. Adjust accordingly (parametric ceiling)

  2. Hide/ unhide ceiling

How to upload a material to your personal library- (Fabric from Sourcc (COM)

  1. Seamless texture/ cropping white edges off an image

  2. Upload to library

  3. Apply it to the chair

How to add something to your Favorites

  1. How to create a favorite library

How to use the library image search

  1. Change materials on an editable product

Add cabinets from the white label library

  1. Change finish and material

Add decor

  1. Decor to surfaces

  2. Decor to walls (wallpaper)

  3. Rugs- from library (drag & drop) or talk about how to upload your own (LIKE COM-Jaipur example)

  4. Lighting

  5. Window treatment


  1. Dashboard overview

    1. Clipping

    2. Background options

    3. Basic lighting

  2. SD always first to test- Show

  3. Tweak things then use HD or 4k- Show

  4. 360 Panorama and 720 Tour (VR)- show

If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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