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Mydoma NEXT Updates - V3.2.1
Mydoma NEXT Updates - V3.2.1

Updates to Mydoma NEXT released on 2022-08-16

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  • Project Orders and Products & Services List: Vendor options displayed in the filter will now only include vendors tied to the project's products & services

  • Project Files & Media: Changed icon for the embedded content

  • Timer: Increased the size of the description box


  • Orders, Proposals, and Invoices: Items sorted onscreen will now display in the same order on PDFs

  • Order Notes: Notes will now better reflect which team member added the note

  • Orders: Orders successfully sent notification

  • Invoices: Emailed invoices will now show due dates without an additional day added

  • Timer: Cursor will no longer jump when users pause while entering timer description

  • Team Role Permissions: Service Catalog permissions are no longer tied to Product Catalog permissions

  • Product Catalog: When in Quick View, users can now click off to the side to close the dialog box


  • Time Tracker: Tags can now be applied to time entries and time entries can now be filtered by tags

  • Moodboards: When adding products to moodboards, the products can now be filtered by view

  • Invoices: Notifications will now send when invoices are paid

  • Proposals: Added "This proposal has been unpublished" page to prevent errors when clients click on notifications for proposals that have since been unpublished


  • Studio Projects: Removed project status bar from client view

  • Project Notes: Removed filter checkbox for "Visible by client" from client view as the client already only saw the notes that were made visible to them


  • PDF Generator: Updated

  • Proposal: Adjusted line item calls

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