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Mydoma NEXT Updates - V3.2.4
Mydoma NEXT Updates - V3.2.4

Updates to Mydoma NEXT released on 2022-09-15

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  • Back Button: The back button on proposals/invoices/orders will now take you back to the previous screen

  • Timer: When changing services in the timer, the rate will now change to match the service


  • Time Tracker: Adjusted permission so team members without the time tracking admin permission cannot see times for other team members

  • Invoices: Rich text notes on individual products will now display properly

  • Moodboard: Moodboard text will not change color when the studio is in dark mode

  • Orders/Invoices/Proposals: Attachments can now be accessed from the PDF of the Order/Invoice/Proposal

  • Orders: Custom products and subitems of custom products will be available to select when adding products to an order

  • Project Status: Fixed an issue that some users were experiencing where the project status did not display properly in project menu and would be replaced by a gray box in the project info dialog box


  • Tags: The ability to archive tags was added

  • Products & Services Field Visibility: The ability to turn off visibility for products' proposal/invoice/order statuses was added [please note that regardless of field visibility, clients are not able to see unpublished Proposals, Order statuses, or unpublished Invoice statuses]

  • Services: Added a delete option to service images

  • Orders and Proposals: The ability to manually ungroup line items was added

  • Invoices: The ability to unlink products from an invoice was added

  • Invoices: The ability to link products to an invoice was added

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