How to edit a View

To edit a view, you will first select to go into your views at the top right corner.

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From here, select the view name to see what is in the view, and confirm this is the view you would like to edit.

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Now you will select the 3-dots on the right side of the view name.

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A drop down will appear and you will want to select "Edit."

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You will have 3 headers to confirm what you would like to change.

The Filters includes:

  • Vendor

  • Category: After selecting a Category you will also be able to filter by a sub category

  • Types: Product, Service, Custom Product

  • Statuses: None, Proposed, Invoiced, Ordered

  • Liked: Liked, Disliked, Neither

  • Tags: Contains and Doesn't contain

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Depending on how far you are zoomed in, or how small your screen is, you may need to scroll down in each section to see everything.

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The Visibility Header is where the check boxes on what you would like to be set as visible to your clients and view only team members.

Visibility includes:
  • Description

  • Product code

  • Image

  • Custom Product - Sub-items (overall)

  • Statuses

  • Tags

  • Item Notes

  • Vendor

  • Manufacturer

  • Pricing

    • Tax

    • Markup & Discount

    • Custom product - Sub-item Pricing

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The Details include:
  • The view Name

  • Budget for the view specifically

  • Display type: Card or Table

  • Viewers: This is where you can select to add or remove clients or view only team members

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Once you are happy with the edits, you will select "done" at the bottom right corner to save.

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Learn more about Views here!

If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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