How to delete a View

***NOTE: Deleting a view only deletes the filters you have set up for this specific view. This does not remove any items in this view from the project.

To delete a view you will first want to go to your products and services, and then enter your views at the top right.

Hold Ctrl and click here

From here select the view name you would like to delete to confirm this is the view you would like to delete.

Hold Ctrl and click here

Once you have confirmed this is the view you want to remove, you will select the 3-dots on the right of the view's name.

Hold Ctrl and click here

This will show a drop down, where the last option is "Delete," and you will need to select this.

Hold Ctrl and click here

A pop-up will appear to confirm that this is what you would like to do, and you will select "Delete" to finalize this.


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