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Connect to QuickBooks Online and add tax rates to apply throughout your Studio!

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This is where you add or edit any tax rates for your Studio as well as connect to QuickBooks Online if you're on a Professional or Enterprise plan.

  • Add a Tax Rate

  • Archive a Tax Rate

  • Edit a Tax Rate

  • Connect to QuickBooks Online

Add a Tax Rate

To add a new tax rate, click + Add Tax in the upper right-hand corner.

***Note: Some jurisdictions require remittance of more than one individual tax. The reporting and remittance requirements for taxes can vary depending on the jurisdiction. Checking local tax laws and accounting with qualified advisors is advised to determine the best tax setup for compliance purposes.***

Next, enter the Name, Description, and your tax rate(s).

If you need to calculate and report your taxes as a combined rate you are finished and can scroll down to click Done.

If you need to calculate and report your taxes separately, you will want to toggle on the Calculate as Split Tax so that the rates will calculate individually before scrolling down and clicking Done.

Archive a Tax Rate

Your jurisdiction's tax rates can change frequently. When that happens, we recommend that you archive the old rate and create a new rate.

***Note: Open invoices using the archived tax may need to be updated with the new tax rate. Packages will also need their taxes updated.***

To archive a tax, click on the tax rate you'd like to archive:

Next, toggle on the Archive option and click Done.

The archived tax will no longer have a white background and will not be available to add to products and services.

Edit a Tax Rate

To edit a tax rate, click on the tax rate you'd like to edit, change any information, and click Done.

***Note: We strongly recommend that you never edit the percentages in a tax rate. Instead, we recommend that you archive the incorrect tax and create a new, correct tax.***

Connect to QuickBooks Online

To connect to your QuickBooks Online account, click "Connect to QuickBooks."

**Note** You must be on a Professional or Enterprise plan to connect your QuickBooks Online account.

Want to learn more about the QuickBooks Integration? Check out this Help Guide - QuickBooks Integration: Best Practices.

If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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