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How to add a Vendor
How to add a Vendor

Add your favorite Vendors and their information to your Studio

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Add a Vendor:

Open up the Vendor tab (the storefront icon in the left-hand menu)

Click "+ Add vendor"

Enter the Vendor name, Account # if applicable, and Vendor URL if preferred

Click "Add"

Vendor Information:

Click on a vendor name within the Vendor Management tab to add or edit information. Once the profile for the vendor is open, click on the pencil icon to change the vendor name, account #, vendor URL, discount, markup, category, or subcategory.

Discount and Markup: If you enter a percentage in the Discount or Markup field, any products attached to that particular vendor when added to a project, will automatically apply the Discount and Markup rules you've entered - saving you time to manually enter them for each product! The discount and markup is calculated off of the base product price you entered when clipping / creating that product.

**Note** If you change the Discount and Markup, it will change any items associated with this vendor in any project's Products & Services page if the item is not locked. Learn more about locked items here.

Category and Subcategory: First, click the Category drop down and choose "Service providers" or "Suppliers." Then, click the Subcategory drop down and choose from the list of Subcategories you've created. This helps categorize your vendors for better organization and searching capabilities.

How to Add a Vendor Subcategory:

To add a subcategory, click the " + " sign next to the Subcategory drop down. Start typing the subcategory name in the box and click "Create" when done.

Example vendor subcategories are: Furniture, plumbing, contractor, workroom, fabric, artwork, case goods, etc.

Add Custom Field: If you click on "+ Add Custom Field" you can add another website, email, phone number, text field, etc. If you check "Apply to all vendors" your Custom Field will auto populate on any created and future vendors you add to your Studio.

Notes: When clicking on "Notes +" button in the bottom left-corner of the Vendor Information box, you can add additional notes you'd like your team to see in regards to the vendor. This can include minimum order amount, shipping, etc.


When clicking on the "Tags" button in the bottom left-corner of the Vendor Information box, you can add tags to your vendors to better sort through your entire vendor list. Want to only see your vendors for lighting? Or who you have trade accounts with? Tags are a great way to do so!

Primary Contact:

This is a great place to put the information for your rep or main point of contact. Click on the pencil icon to add your contact's name, phone number, and email address.


Click "Add Address" under the Addresses section to add the location whether it be the local storefront you usually go to, the workroom or receiver's address, or even the location at High Point Market. You can add multiple locations.

Materials & Files:

Clicking "Add files +" under the Materials & files section will allow you to upload a pdf, doc, docx, skp, xls, xlsx, dwg, numbers, or zip file. You can add vendor pricing lists, brochures, and depending on file size, catalogs.

If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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