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Embedding your JotForm Questionnaire
Embedding your JotForm Questionnaire

Learn how to embed your JotForm questionnaire into a project or package

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Embedding your JotForm Questionnaire

Within each Project or Package there is an area to embed a snippet of code which will bring in questionnaires you have created with the help of a 3rd party program. You can add multiple questionnaires to any Project or Package and can also create questionnaire templates!
​Tip: No matter what you are using to create your questionnaire, as long as it can output an iFrame embed code then you should be able to embed it into Mydoma Studio.

You can also embed the code directly in the project or package questionnaire:

Click "Open questionnaire" to see and to fill out the questionnaire

Once your client has submitted the questionnaire to you, click the three vertical dots at the top right of the questionnaire

Then select "Complete" to move it over to the Completed Questionnaires.

Didn't mean to move it to completed or need your client to fill out the questionnaire again? Click the three vertical dots on the completed questionnaire

Then click "Uncomplete" to move it back over to Open Questionnaires.



Once you are done creating your questionnaire in JotForm click on the publish button. In the publish menu select the "Embed" tab and then in the "Embed Options" dropdown select iFrame. Then just select the code and copy it or click on the "Copy code" button.


Login into your JotForm account and click "Submissions" on the questionnaire your client just filled out.

**Note** it'll show a number icon on the questionnaire with new submissions.

Select the submission you'd like to download then click the three vertical dots

Then go to "Download," "Download as PDF," "PDF Document."

If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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