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How to Create or Upload a Contract
How to Create or Upload a Contract
Create or upload Contracts to your Studio.
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How to Create or Upload a Contract?

Open a project and go to the Contracts tab.

Click "Add text contract" or "Add file contract" depending on the route you'd like to go.

Add text contract

Click "Add text contract." Start typing or copy and paste your contract. If copying and pasting from another document be sure to use "plain text" paste. This will remove visible or hidden existing formatting that might make your contract misbehave.

Format your contract using the basic text editor

When done, check the box for "Ready for client acceptance." Taking this action will have the contract show up for the client to review and sign off.

The contract will show under Pending Contracts with the status "Ready for Acceptance."

Add file contract

Click "Add file contract" to upload a PDF or Word document of your contract. Select your file to upload, rename if need be, check "Ready for client acceptance" then click "Save"

**Note** If a client cannot see a contract, check to see if it shows "Unpublished." If the "Unpublished" stamp is on the contract in question, click the three vertical dots next to the contract, click "Edit," then check the box marked "Ready for client acceptance" and then "Save."

How many contracts can I have?

You can have multiple contracts per project! This is particularly helpful if you require any revisions, additional documents, add to the scope of work, or have a repeat client.

Can I edit or delete a signed contract?

Once a contract is signed it is locked. This means neither you or the client can make changes to the original because it is a legally binding document.

What are contract statuses?

There are three contract statuses: Unpublished, Read for Acceptance, and Accepted.

If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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