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How do Clients Sign the Contract?
How do Clients Sign the Contract?

You've added or created your Contracts to your Studio, now get your client to sign!

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How do Clients Sign the Contract?

The intended workflow is to have clients log into your studio, review, and electronically sign the contract online.

After you've created your contract click contract "ready for client acceptance." Taking this action will have the contract show up for the client to review and sign off when they log in to your studio.

Best Practice: We recommend you send a quick message to your client to let them know the contract is ready.

The Client logs in, reviews the contract, click "Sign Contract," and type in their name to electronically sign their contract. (They must enter their name exactly as it is shown in their client profile. Only one client can sign the contract.)

You'll receive a notification that the contract has been approved by your client. The electronically signed contract will then move to the "Accepted Contracts" with a date stamp and who the contract was accepted by.

**Note** Signed contracts cannot be edited or deleted.

If your client is having trouble signing, click here to see some common reasons why this may be.

How many clients can sign off on a contract?

At this time you can have multiple clients on a project but only one client can sign off on the contract.

Are clients automatically notified that a contract is ready?

Clients are automatically notified when a Contract is made ready for client acceptance, hence even if you have not invited the client to the portal yet, but added the client to the project, they are going to receive a notification.

What if my client doesn't want to log in, can I download a PDF of my contract?

Yes you can! click "generate PDF" in the top action bar of the contracts section. You can save the PDF for printing or emailing directly to your client

If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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