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How to edit a Proposal
How to edit a Proposal

Edit proposals for clients to view and approve.

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How to edit a Proposal

There are many ways you can edit a proposal. First, you'll open up the Proposal you want to edit.

Public Note

Click the pencil icon next to Public Note to change the text.

Once you've made the edits you wish to make, click "Save."

Item List

There are a couple of ways you can edit the item list. The first is sorting the items within the list. Click the two horizontal lines to the left of any item to drag and drop into the order you wish.

The second is to edit, delete or swap items within the Proposal. Click on the three vertical dots to the right of the item you wish to change.

To edit any quantities, pricing, tax, shipping, etc. click "Edit."

Edit any information then click "Done!"

**Note** Any edits you make will apply the product in Products & Services and Orders. This will not update any Invoices so be sure to double check the numbers before billing!

**Note** If the Pricing fields are greyed out - be sure to see if the product is locked.

Simply click the lock to unlock those fields and change any information!

If you need to edit information on the product itself (vendor, manufacturer, finish, dimensions, product name, etc.) click "Edit Base Product."

Edit any information then click "Done!"

To swap an item from the Proposal for another one within your Products & Services for that product, click "Swap."

The list of Products & Services within this project will pop up and you'll select the item you'd like to move into the Proposal instead and click "Add ( 1 )". For instance, if we're actually going with this other rug.

To delete an item, click "Delete."

It'll ask if you're sure you want to delete this item. Click "Delete" if you're sure or "Cancel" if you'd prefer to keep the item on the Proposal.


You can edit the name of an attachment by clicking on the pencil icon or remove an attachment by clicking the " - "


To edit a comment you've made on a Proposal, click the pencil icon on the comment you wish to change.

Once you've made the edits you'd like to your comment, click "Save."

If you need any additional support, click the question mark in the upper right-hand corner to chat with a member of our team.

Happy designing!

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